24/7 Technical Support

(888) 230-0020 option 1

To activate your service, please call our technical support line at (888) 230-0020 option 1.

We must clear your old router from our system prior to you installing your new one. Please call us at (888) 230-0020 option 1 if you need to swap out, or install a new, wireless router.

The first step to resolve a loss in internet connectivity would be to unplug the power on your router, if you have one. After about 30 seconds reconnect the power to the router, and allow it to power fully up. This can take upwards to two to three minutes at times. After that, reboot your computer and any other devices that may be connecting to the internet. Once the devices reboot successfully verify if internet access has or has not been restored. If it has not, please call us at (888) 230-0020 option 1.

When you connect to the Internet using Greenfields Internet, the speeds that you will experience will vary based on a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Configuration of your computer
  • Your home networking configuration and the number of devices sharing the bandwidth
  • Network or Internet congestion
  • Server and router speeds of the websites you access

To use your Greenfield Communications internet wirelessly, a wireless router is required. This can be purchased from any home electronics store, or directly from Greenfield. For more information, please visit the Services page, or by calling us at (888) 230-0020 option 1.

Some homes come with networking cables pre-installed from the builder. The cables for these are usually ran into the communications closet that contains the Greenfield Communications equipment, and may be labeled with a marker to signify what room they service. To utilize these cables, you would want to place your router inside the communications box and provide power to it. Connect an ethernet cable from the internet port on the Greenfield Communications equipment to your router's WAN port. Connect any other networking cables you wish to use to the LAN ports on the router.

To access webmail, click on Login at the top-right of our website, and then click on Webmail.

The username will be your full e-mail address.

Incoming Mail Server Type: POP3 (or) IMAP
Incoming Mail Server Address:
Username: [your full e-mail address]
Password: [your e-mail password]
Outgoing Mail Server Address:
Outgoing Mail Server Port: 587
Outgoing Requires Authentication: Yes
Outgoing SSL: No
Outgoing TLS: Yes

*Outlook Express Client Only*
Outgoing Requires SSL: Yes

If your mailbox runs out of space it will no longer be able to recieve new messages. Login using Webmail and delete any unwanted or old e-mail to free up space. Ensure that you have cleared the Deleted Items folder

To access webmail, click on Login at the top-right of our website, and then click on Webmail.

If you have continued problems, please contact our technical support team using the options listed on this page.

To access the Greenfield Telephone Control panel, click on Login at the top-right of our website, and then click on Telephone.

The User ID will be your account's telephone number.

Basic Phone Functions

To make, answer or end a call, use your phone, speakerphone or headset as you always have. The Redial and Flash buttons also continue to work just like they did with your traditional phone service.

Place calls to these destinations as follows:

USA/Canada/some Caribbean 1 + area code + phone number
(both “local” and long distance) 1 - 310 - 555 - 5555

All other countries 011 + country code + phone number + #
(to call Paris, for example) 011 - 33 - 1- 123456789 - #

(If you press the pound (#) key after an international number, your call will complete more quickly.)

To access or configure your voicemail, either dial 00 from your Greenfield phone, or dial your Greenfield phone number from any phone, then enter * when the voice prompt begins. Follow the instructions to configure or retrieve voicemail.

This indicates you have a voicemail waiting in your inbox.

While often our customers do not experience any issues with fax machines or security alarms while using our service, due to the nature of digital telephone services in general, we can not guarantee their interoperability.